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Gio Schiano

Gio Schiano is a contemporary Italian designer who was born in Naples, Italy in 1976.
He is a well-known high fashion photographer as well as a painter, sculptor and designer.
Schiano studied graphic design and photography and has always retained a passion for creating fine art.

With a comprehensive artistic and technical skill set, Schiano is fully immersed in art world in a multi-faceted fashion. Schiano’s work is draws heavily on inspiration from the rich tradition of art and design that exists in Italian culture.

Schiano’s paintings take inspiration from traditional Italian religious imagery but the images are distorted giving the traditional imagery a new modern twist. Schiano’s sculpture and design is particularly inspired by Ettore Sottsass the founder of the Memphis Group design movement that was active in the ‘80s. Known for colorful and vibrant design with a good dose of whimsy, the Memphis group has become synonymous with innovation in design. The influence of the Memphis Group as well as the Pop Art movement is clear in Schiano’s pieces.

Schiano’s sculptures incorporate vigorous color, line and geometric form that come together to create compositions that confuse and delight the eye in turn. In terms of material many of Schiano’s sculptures use modern materials like Plexiglas but he also works with ceramics, wood and collage on canvas.

Schiano’s fabulous work has gained international recognition with work exhibited in Europe, Italy, the US, Japan, China, Australia, and the UK.